Eisenhower’s Decision Matrix: A modern hack to boost productivity.

Eisenhower’s matrix can also be called an answer to poor time and task management.

This decision matrix is named after Dwight David Eisenhower, an American Army general, who went on to become the 34th President of the United States of America from 1953 t0 1961. During World War 2, he was a five-star general in the US Army, who prepared an ultimate strategy for an allied invasion of Europe.

Dwight Eisenhower was being insanely famous for making some tough decisions continuously which could keep the deadlines of crucial topics intact. This eventually made him discover the now world-famous Eisenhower’s Decision Matrix, the method for prioritizing and de-prioritizing the tasks.

This principle basically consists of four activities, whose priorities are set based on a 2x2 matrix, viz:

  • “Important and Urgent”:

This set of tasks receives the highest priorities on Earth. These are the things that need to be completed on the same day possible, without having a second thought. This is nothing but Mark Twain’s principle of “Eat that frog first”, which basically means complete that task which could be your potential time-eater.

  • “Important and Not Urgent”:

These are the tasks that are made on a long-term consideration without a firm deadline. You can decide to schedule them for completion without causing any harm to the deadlines.

  • “Not Important and Urgent”:

These tasks come to the third quadrant where you can delegate it to your subordinates to get it completed, or can be completed by yourself after analyzing the urgency involved, though they don’t fall under the important category. However, these tasks should be addressed only after prioritizing first and second quadrant tasks.

  • “Not Important and Not Urgent”:

These are the set of tasks that can be placed in the “delete” quadrant because you should be eliminating them at any cost to secure your time and energy. However, based on our respective job profiles, deleting a specific task cannot always be the ideal option. Thus, it can be switched over to the third quadrant after the complete analysis of the said task.

Kudos to Eisenhower for this simple yet effective method of prioritizing and de-prioritizing the tasks based on their seriousness.

So folks, pick up your “To-Do List” now, apply Eisenhower’s matrix, and say goodbye to procrastination. Let the four “D’s” of Eisenhower always be with you.

Thanks for the read, and happy prioritizing :)



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Vikyath Kumar

Vikyath Kumar

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