Mista’arvim — The deadliest hunters of the Israel Defense Forces!

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Well, Do you have any idea about the Mista’arvim unit in Israel under IDF?

Okay, It may be quite complicated if I just say Mista’arvim. Let me explain in depth.

I hope you have come across these pictures from Israel — Palestine conflict.

So, how does Israel deal with them? Any guesses?

Yes, that’s when the Mista’arvim unit comes into the picture.

Attaching some of the pictures to clear the confusion.

I hope I’m making things much clear with the above-attached pictures.

So, Who are the Mista’arvim?

Mista’arvim is Israeli undercover agents, that are specifically trained to pose as Palestinians in order to infiltrate their ranks and nab the stone pelters during the violence and chaos. The name is derived from the Arabic “Musta’arabi”, meaning “those who live among the Arabs” or one that specializes in Arabic language and culture.

These agents go through ”Arabization” in which they learn to,

  • Think and act like a Palestinian.
  • Undergo courses to master Palestinian dialects and Arabic accents according to which Arab country they operate in such as Yemen or Tunisia.
  • They undergo courses that take between 4–6 months which include how to master customs and religious practices, such as fasting and praying, and the precise knowledge of Islam.


  • 4 months of basic infantry training in the Mitkan Adam army base — the IDF Special Training Center.
  • 2.5 months of advanced infantry training in the same base.
  • 2 months of the unit’s basic training: Focus on urban navigation exercises and the beginning of counter-terrorism exercise.
  • 4 months Mista’arvim course includes learning Arab traditions, Language, Way of thought, Civilian camouflage, Sniper training, and driving.

Active Mista’arvim Units,

  • Ya’mas — Which operates in West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem.
  • Duvdevan (Unit 217) — Operates in the West Bank division.
  • Gideonim (Unit 33) — Operates in Eastern Jerusalem.

Kudos to IDF for making such a unit in combating terrorism.

Recently even India used the same strategy to nab a stone pelter in Kashmir.

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